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Bledsoe - NZONE

NZONE – is it a protective knee brace or football equipment? It’s both. Bledsoe has designed a brace specific to football, offering protection to the knees of offensive and defensive linemen. This brace, made of an aluminum frame helps to absorb the force of a blow to the side of the knee to protect ligaments in the knee. Thigh and knee pads are incorporated in the brace frame to protect soft tissue bruises to the thigh and knee.

Injuries are a part of football. But they don’t have to be devastating. The NZONE brace acts like a ‘seatbelt’ for the knee to protect it from blows typically occurring in football. The required thigh and knee pads are attached to prevent against contact injuries and fit comfortably under the pants. Most of all, it is designed to help protect against injury when lateral or medial blows occur to the knee, which are common with interior linemen. The durable aluminum brace frame provides strength and protection, while the attached pads reduce impact from contact during play. Bledsoe’s unique strapping system and the light-weight of the brace (19 oz) reduces migration.

Thigh and knee pads have been mandatory equipment in high schools and colleges. On May 22, 2012, the NFL made thigh and knee pads mandatory equipment for the 2013 season.


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