JIM Medical

Optiflex - S3 Shoulder CPM


  • Easy to use hand control for storing treatment data on memory chipcard.  This ensures greater patient compliance and simplifies patient programming
  • Fully synchronized motors allow treatment parameters to be customized to meet patient's specific therapy protocols
  • Ergonomic healthy armrest and fully adjustable chair
  • Shoulder CPM has been shown in studies to provide safe PROM following Rotator Cuff Repair


  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Manipulation of frozen shoulder or open release or debridement for adhesive capsulitis
  • Total shoulder replacement
  • Hemi shoulder replacement or resurfacing
  • Stabilized proximal humeral fractures
  • Decompression for impingement syndrome

ROM Specs

  • Adduction/Abduction:               0-30-175°
  • Internal/External Rotation:       90-0-90°
  • Flexion/Elevation:                     0-30-175°
  • Horizontal Ad/Abduction:          0-0-125°

Accessories Needed for this Product