JIM Medical


“I got a benefit statement from my supplemental insurer, WPS, saying they covered the co-pay for my new Bledsoe brace. Most importantly, that means that Medicare paid. It also means, I’m very happy to say, as you’ve been telling me all along, that you and your staff at Joints in Motion have the reputation, skills, and knowledge to get this covered. So I want to enthusiastically congratulate everyone at JIM for hanging in there with me, professionally and patiently, while I sweated it out...

Having [the brace] on for major activities gives me a sizable degree of both physical and emotional support. So, I'm keeping it, with gratitude to JIM for helping and succeeding in all you promised.  Best wishes for the same degree of success and gratitude with all your customers.”

 BF,  Madison, WI


“Because I was able to have the CPM equipment in my home, it made my recovery so much faster.  My knee never had the opportunity to stiffen.  Before I started physical therapy, I used the CPM 24 hours a day.  I would recommend it to every patient.”

 NMH,  West Bend, WI

“I began using the shoulder CPM machine on the third post-op day after a total shoulder replacement because of a “totally destroyed shoulder,” a result of irreparable detached rotator cuff and severe degenerative arthritis.  Within 3 ½ weeks I’d achieved better range-of-motion than I’ve had in 20 years, with minimal discomfort.  I’m ecstatic with these results and am convinced this would never have been achieved without the CPM machine.”

I’ve suffered with this shoulder problem for 20 years, have undergone three unsuccessful open rotator cuff repairs and years of lengthy, extremely painful and mostly unsuccessful rehab.  And now I’m already enjoying totally pain-free nights, thanks to Joints in Motion and a wonderful surgeon.  Thank you to your fine company.”

NR, Eau Claire, WI

“The service and staff were excellent; the machine was there before I needed it.  The staff (the rep that set me up) was an excellent teacher – he made sure I was comfortable and had the knowledge to use the equipment before he left.  The CPM was a God-send.  I was in it the first night and it eased the pain and discomfort.  It put me so far ahead before I ever started regular therapy, my therapist was impressed with its results.  It made life bearable.”

CT, Menomonie, WI

"Recently, I underwent arthroscopic surgery with subacromial decompression for a rotator cuff tear and impingement.  Luckily for me, my doctor prescribed the use of the Joints in Motion shoulder CPM to aid in movement and recovery.  I can’t say enough good things about the machine. Not only did the constant movements of the machine give me the ability to begin therapy early, more importantly, to me, it allowed me to achieve movement pain-free.  When I finally began therapy, I was ahead of protocol.  The J.I.M. Medical staff were great and gave me clear and easy-to-understand instructions.  I am grateful I had the opportunity to benefit so much from the CPM.  Thanks Joints in Motion.”

CS,  Racine, WI


“My Joints in Motion representative was knowledgeable about the product I received, eager to  answer all of my questions, and very patient while explaining the recovery process.  Also, just days after my surgery, one of their representatives called to find out how I was doing recovering from the surgery.  I felt the call went beyond just providing the equipment because it was centered around how I was coming along as a patient.  Today has been four weeks since the surgery and I can happily admit that I have successfully reached my potential full range of motion. 

I have had an excellent experience with Joints in Motion with them standing in the gap between me and the insurance company.  I would recommend Joints in Motion to anyone needing in-home physical therapy solutions.” 

KJ, Milwaukee, WI


“I met with my Joints in Motion rep regarding a cervical collar that I would have to wear following my surgery.  She came very fast and I had my collar to try and get used to prior to my surgery versus at the last minute.  She was so helpful and made my fiance, caregiver and I very comfortable with putting the collar on and off.  She also advised us how to care for the pads to get them as clean as possible.  She was wonderful and patient with my animals too!"

EK, Fond du Lac, WI