JIM Medical

About Us

Our Philosophy

In an industry that is known for financial and sales competitiveness, our team prides itself on a never-ending commitment to patient care, our values and doing the right thing. Our service, expertise, professionalism, and commitment to our patients clearly differentiate us from our competitors, and our customers do take notice.

Our vision and approach focuses on adding value by providing outstanding customer service and unmatched expertise in our industry. This business philosophy isn't just that โ€“ it's based on our personal values resulting in satisfied patients with good outcomes, and even some "raving fans".

Although this may be a unique way to do business in our industry, we think it is a better and more honest way to build loyalties of surgeons and clinicians that we work with. It doesn't take more effort โ€“ just a different mindset. And it allows us to adhere to our mission: Patient First, Always.

Billing & Insurance

We understand surgery can create stress for our patients and their families. Billing and insurance headaches only add to that stress.

Our team performs all insurance authorization and billing services directly and can obtain in network benefits for nearly all insurance carriers, ensuring a patient's out-of-pocket costs are minimized. In cases where insurance coverage is not available, we can work out flexible payment plans and discounted rates for patients to ensure that they can obtain the prescribed equipment.

To provide further reductions in the cost of services, we offer a Charity Care Program for patients who qualify based on financial need. Our goal is that no patient be denied access to prescribed equipment and appropriate rehabilitation because of financial hardship.

We specialize in offering the highest level of expertise and consultation to surgeons, occupational and physical therapists, patients and insurance providers. In doing so, we help develop a unique home program for each patient that will yield the best outcome in the most cost effective manner.

Our Partners

We are the exclusive Wisconsin distributor of quality products from: