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Artromot - K3 Knee CPM


  • Handheld programming of device parameters, ie: extension, flexion, pause, force and speed
  • Four hidden programming features:  Warm-up, Patient run time, Device run time, Full speed and motion
  • Wide, deep leg orthosis to accommodate larger patients
  • Wide, stable skid resistant base
  • "Grab-easy" base design for easy lifting, transporting and storage

ROM Specs

  • Knee Flexion:              110°
  • Knee Extension:          -5°


  • Articular Cartilage:  Following microfracture, OATS, and mosaicplasty procedures
  • ACL:  To reduce inflammation, pain, swelling, and stiffness following ACL reconstruction
  • TKA:  To reduce pain and swelling, accelerate rehabilitation, improve compliance, and lead to fewer complications and the potential for additional surgical intervention with procedures such as manipulations and debridements of stiff joints

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