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Hope Orthopaedic - Centron Hip™

The Centron™ Hip (formerly the HippO) is a lightweight, low-profile hip abduction orthosis that resists rotation. It can be ordered as a complete brace or as component. The universal design (left/right, male/female) reduces the cost to maintain a complete inventory of pelvic girdles, thigh cuffs, hip joints and bars. The innovative components are interchangeable and adjustable, replicating a custom-molded fit at a fraction of the cost.



  • Universal Design
    • Fits both male and female
    • Reduces inventory
  • Aerospace Quality Aluminum Hip Joint 
    • Easy to set and lock range-of-motion stops
  • Anatomically Molded
    • Comfortable pelvic girdle & thigh cuff
    • Resistance to hip rotation
  • Multiple Bar Length Options
    • Custom fit to most patients



    • Post-surgical stabilization
    • Hip dislocation


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