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Kaiser - DigiGlide Portable Hand CPM


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Simple to apply by the patient and very comfortable to wear
  • Easy for patient to duplicate application with each use
  • Full ROM of all digits
  • Pause feature allows for static end range stretch
  • Easy to isolate specific digits

ROM Specs

  • ROM:              21° hyperextension to 340° flexion (full composite fist)


  • Flexor and extensor tenolysis
  • Aponeurectomies for Dupuytrens disease
  • Metacarpophangeal arthrolysis
  • Prosthetic replacement of the MCP, PIP and DIP joints
  • Rheumatoidal/neurological or after-burn stiffness
  • Capsulotomies, arthrolysis and tenolysis for post-traumatic stiffness of MCP, PIP and DIP joints
  • Synovectomies

Accessories Needed for this Product

DigiGlide Hand CPM Softgood Kit

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