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Bledsoe - Legacy Thruster


  • Low-profile frame
  • Dial allows incremental force adjustments
  • Hinge is on involved side of knee, pulling vs. pushing to relieve joint pain
  • Distal calf section flexes with the muscles of the leg
  • Up to 22 degrees of correction can be applied
  • For moderate to severe OA patients who require the brace for all-day use
  • Not for patients with combined instabilities
  • OK for moderate activities like walking, golf, tennis, bicycling, etc.
  • Not OK for high-intensity sports like football, basketball, skiing, etc.


    • Addresses OA conditions only, not associated with ligamentous instability
    • Recommended for moderate activities such as walking, golf, tennis, bicycling, etc.
    • Not recommended for high-intensity sports such as football, basketball, skiing, etc.

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