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Bledsoe - Elbow Sleeve - Padded


  • Foam pad protects the olecranon
  • Neoprene posterior for compression and warmth 
  • Soft TriTech™ material for breathability and freedom of movement
  • Low-profile seams minimize irritation for highly active athletes


A significant leap in innovation, our revolutionary TriTech material has radically altered the definition of high tech performance fabrics.

  • Low Profile: TriTech™ is half as thick as the competition; Bledsoe’s TriTech is 2 mm while the competition is > 4 mm 
  • Breathable: TriTech™ keeps you cooler when you break a sweat. It’s so breathable you can see through it
  • Better Compression: Increased spandex provides more compression and support, while preventing brace migration

3D Neoprene

New neoprene material provides warmth to the joint and maximum compression support.


  • Elbow sprains and strains, tendonitis and bursitis.

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