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Bledsoe - Philippon Hip Brace


  • Designed to allow controlled hip flexion in 15 increments from -30 to 105 following hip arthroscopy, or can be locked in any position from -30 to 60
  • Can be applied in less than 3 minutes
  • Features easily formable aluminum shells with double-thick ultra breathable foam padding
  • Three simple straps hold it securely affixed to the patient's hip and leg
  • Available in left and right in both regular and short sizes
  • Universal brace circumference


    • Post-operative or post-injury use for limited ROM control of hip flexion/extension
    • Limited abduction and adduction of the hip joint following total hip revisions, arthroscopic hip repairs or other hip joint surgeries, injuries or problems


    • Controlling fractures of the femur or pelvis

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