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Lantz Medical - Stat-A-Dyne® WHFO

Features Include

  • Most innovative wrist/hand/finger device on the market
  • Full ROM in both wrist and digit flexion and extension
  • Static and/or Dynamic stretch from one ROM product
  • Custom Cuffs for maximum soft tissue capture facilitating terminal End ROM
  • Dynamic Mode (LLPS) may be used to address soft to moderate end feels during long rest periods
  • Static-Progressive Mode (SPS) may be used to address moderate to hard end feels utilizing shorter wear times
  • Easy to set up, lightweight and easy to operate enhancing patient compliance


For the treatment of joint stiffness and established soft tissue contracture



WHFO Stretches

About WHFO

Fitting the WHFO

J.I.M. Medical is an exclusive distributor for Lantz Medical products in Wisconsin and northern Illinois.  Availability of these products outside of these areas may be restricted.  

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