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Game Ready - Cold/Compression Therapy

Game Ready features patented ACCEL™ Technology (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop) to help accelerate recovery. Integrated active compression and cold therapies reduce pain and swelling, reduce muscle spasms, enhance lymphatic function, and encourage oxygenated blood flow – all to stimulate natural healing. For acute musculoskeletal injury and orthopedic surgery recovery, nothing else works proactively like Game Ready. Compared to traditional RICE (Rest–Ice–Compression–Elevation) applications, the Game Ready System offers more therapeutic benefits. 


  • Simple to use
  • Controls are intuitive
  • Convenient settings automate alternating treatment and “rest” cycles to make it easy to follow doctor’s orders
  • Complete how-to videos, user guides, and customer support services assure hassle-free operation and easy treatments


For immediate application following injury or operative procedures to reduce pain and swelling, and aid in healing.

Accessories Needed for this Product

Cold/Compression Therapy Wraps