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Bledsoe - ProKold Gel Packs

ProKold gel wraps stay effectively cold much longer than a typical ice pack. Times will vary depending upon size of the patient, the environment and temperature of the freezer.

Features Include

  • Conforms to anatomy
  • Uses latex free elastic straps
  • All the straps are 3” (8cm) wide, spreading the pressure over a wide area
  • The straps that come with the universal knee/shoulder allow the specific pad to be used comfortably on both the knee and shoulder
  • All ingredients inside ProKold are food grade products. If there ever was a leak in the nylon bag that holds the cold solution, it would not be a safety or health hazard


  • For immediate application following injury or operative procedures to reduce pain and swelling, and aid in healing
  • All wraps should be used according to a medical professional’s recommendation


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