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Treating your joint stiffness with the Stat-A-Dyne® Knee


The Stat-A-Dyne® Knee was designed for the treatment of joint stiffness and established soft tissue contractures (permanent shortening of muscles, tendons or scar tissue). The device assists in flexion and/or extension of the knee when worn under the supervision of your health care professional.

Treat your joint stiffness with the Stat-A-Dyne® Knee

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The Stat-A-Dyne® orthoses line utilizes proven principles of low-load prolonged stretch and stress relaxation for contracture management, which has shown the ability to counteract loss of both function and range of motion (ROM) that occur with joint contractures. 

Patient controlled Stat-A-Dyne® devices incorporate static progressive stretch and/or dynamic stretch to enhance soft tissue elongation via a dual functional hinge.  Progressions are recommended based on a slow progress (<10 degrees improvement every 2 weeks).  Static progressive stretch is recommended initially because patient adjusted tension is less likely to cause pain and inflammation.

Protocols for use vary depending on the diagnosis and should be determined after consulting with your physician. Your Joints in Motion Medical representative will custom fit your device and instructed you on its usage.

Where can my doctor get a Stat-A-Dyne® Knee or other device?

Your doctor can prescribe a Stat-A-Dyne® unit for you and place an order through us at Joints in Motion Medical.  We are an exclusive distributor for this product and our staff will set you up and make sure you are properly trained in the use of the device.  You or your physician can reach us at (866) 546-4276.

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